SATURDAY NIGHT LETS DO THIS!! Continental/ ElectroCult Circus (Columbus) / Flannel Mouth (Peoria)

9pm Start – No Cover


Founder and songwriter Rick Barton sings the songs of the everyman, speaking to our common experiences of love, loss, wandering, and resurrection. The songs are as true and real as any from the English punk bands of the 70’s, capturing the energy of youth, yet delivered with the wisdom of a life lived.
ElectroCult Circus (Columbus Indie Alternative psych rock for fans of Ween, Built to spill, Ty Segall)

Ecc presents Oddfellow Talkshow, Sid and Nancy, Robotron 5000, Erotic N Roll, Trulie Awesome Show, Skitzo Show
Flannel Mouth (Peoria, IL Rock / Midwestern / Avant-Garde for fans of Cursive, The Dear Hunter, Dog Fashion Disco)

Flannel Mouth, an old western term for “one having a way with words,” keeps its definition intact as this four-piece theatrical rock act releases its debut LP, “The Prisoner’s Cinema.” Vocalist/lyricist, Luke Myers, tells the tragic, gruesome story of a young man learning the difference between love and crimes of passion. The frenzied and guttural story is matched by its soundtrack — manic-albeit-fluid — punctuated by the eccentric bass lines of Ryan Batalon, heavy swing beats of Tyler Owen, and the atmospheric leads of Zachary Hartman on guitar, trumpet, organ, fiddle, and more. If Tarantino wrote a script to be scored by The Dear Hunter, performed by Cursive, engineered by Foxy Shazam, and produced by Brand New, Flannel Mouth would be the end result. And one would certainly not want to miss that feature presentation.

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