MONDAY LOOKS LIKE A WINNER!! Open Mic With Kallie Lou Followed by Able Thought

-All ages- 8pm Start
Kallie Lou presents a platform for you to try out your new songs and to enjoy other local talents. She will be at Buzzbin every Monday so come on out and play a song. Do you have a little stage fright? Well grab a drink and numb the scared away and we bet you sing like an angel.

After Open Mic!

Able Thought

Like watching a storm from a safe place Able Thoughts music is an eerie swelling of powerful sub-sonics gathering amidst a tranquil unpredictable environment. “A storm he orchestrates and engages and recedes and scares away and invites in.” 15 miles east of Providence Rhode Island and along the Warren River bank lies the small creative arts town of Warren where the blue-eyed, neo-soul singer is from. Gathering inspiration from his environment being minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, indigenous parts of the Northeastern Woodlands and the culturally rich city of Providence, Able Thoughts lyrics poor out with detail and vividness the emotions and nuances of his everyday life. The track Between The Trees off the upcoming release “serene In Limbo” reflects this “In mild woods sway with me/ In mild wood find me weak/ In moonlit woods between the trees/ In moonlit woods stay close to me” A love for a bare-bones, honest, intimate journey as in Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, King Krule’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon or Youth Lagoon’s The Year Of Hibernation will be the same force that will draw fans to Able Thought’s serene In Limbo. Looking to the lyrics, like these from the track “Canyons” “The dreams that dwell/ Moral that melts/ The thoughts that make my brain swell/ It helps me understand whats underneath” we get a glimpse into the two years of self discovery that transformed constantly evolving material into the tracks we hear. The title of the album serene In Limbo describes the album vividly. The serene being the chilled out stereo manipulating vocals and consistent guitar picking melodies (produced by his electronically self-updated nylon string guitar), surrounded by the swelling, dark, unpredictable beats that bring a bit of chaos for the melodies to reside in. (ala in limbo). Bringing all the chaos to an abrupt stop sporadically we get the howling falsetto Ooo’s as in “Places” and “From Space” that speak just as clearly as the lyrics (maybe even more-so) to the intimate journey of self understand that Able Thought’s serene In Limbo is. Able Thought will be supporting the upcoming release “serene In Limbo” (Due Out 12/9/14) with an East Coast tour beginning Dec 14th.

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