ITS TUESDAY AND YOU’RE AWESOME! Titans in Time (Cleveland)/ The Ned (Flagler Beach)/ For The Birds (Roseland)

9pm Start – No Cover

Titans in Time (Cleveland, OH Rock/Hard Rock for fans of Chevelle, Slipknot, Nothing More, Shinedown)

For centuries, many have been captivated with myths of the Greek titans. Commanding and powerful, their stories have set the ideal standard for dominance. However, the Greeks are not the only ones with their set of titans. In Cleveland, Ohio, a new group of titans are emerging and are equally as dominating. Consisting of Nate Milstein, Vince Gillman, Matt Devonshire, and Matt Bryson, Titans in Time have begun to shake up the Cleveland music scene with their tight hard rock melodies, blunt lyrics, and engaging stage presence. Although, their colossal sound is the product of hours spent in Bryson’s basement and not divinity.

Around June of 2013, the four found themselves back in the Cleveland area, filling in the pieces for a patchwork of songs that they had been working on independently. What came from it is the “Oceanus” EP, a six track album that has served as the starting point for their budding music career. Keeping with the titans theme, “Oceanus” gets its namesake from the Greek titan of the same name. Upon listening, you are overwhelmed with a kind of energy that usually can only be produced at live shows. Milstein’s guitar playing is beautifully complimented by Devonshire’s bass line as Bryson sets the beat with roaring drums. All to be complimented by Gillman’s vocal talents.

With musical influences ranging from Underoath to Katy Perry, the guys have used a building process when it comes to writing their music.

The second EP, “Vulcan” was released November 20th, 2015. Recorded at Crushtone Studios with Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Alien Ant Farm, A Skylit Drive), the second effort from Titans in Time is a much more dynamic EP, full of catchy hooks, driving guitars, and a much more mature writing style.

Their live performance is truly something that could rival today’s major acts. They conduct themselves in a way that pulls the focus to Titans in Time on the whole rather than one specific band member. At one minute, one is following Gillman bounce around the stage and the next they become captivated with Milstein, Devonshire, and Bryson’s intensity. “I think our end goal is for our worst live show to be most people’s best live show,” Milstein noted. “We don’t want to play like a local band because we don’t want to be considered a local band. We want to deliver a show that the ‘big bands’ are delivering. Just because you’re unsigned doesn’t mean you can’t put on a performance that people want to watch”, Gillman followed with.

Titans in Time continue to feed the monster they are. It may be small steps in the beginning, but their ultimate goals are on the horizon. With their enormous sound, thrilling performance, and unfathomable dedication, it is clear that Titans in Time will surely become titans, in time.

Titans in Time has played alongside bands like Nonpoint, Gemini Syndrome, Framing Hanley, Heartist, Islander, Sleepwave, Secrets, Famous Last Words, and many more
The Ned (Flagler Beach, Florida Rugrat for fans of Punk and Indie )

We are The Ned a Rugrat punk band from Palm Coast Florida. The Ned is a DIY creative movement. Get our debut album ‘Nice’ for free at
For The Birds (Roseland, Nebraska. Post-rock/Hintongaze for fans of American Football, 90s Emo, Slothrust

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