ITS FRIDAY, YOU KNOW THE DRILL!!! Coup De Grace (Akron)/ Hotstop ( Nashville)/ Electramode ( Canton)

Friday Nov 11th – 9pm – No Cover

Coup De Grace(Akron Psychedelic Rock for fans of Radiohead, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Beatles )

Combining the prodigious talents of Nick Reese, Doug Gallo, and Dave “Tig” Tigleman, the psychedelic indie pop trio Coup De Grace brings a final blow to your mind. Their music fuses the energy of powerful lyrics with upbeat vibes, killing the pain of the daily grind and leaving listeners in good spirits.
Lead guitarist and vocalist Nick Reese has a lush history of playing in several Ohio bands, often filling in multiple roles where needed. He and Tig have been playing music together for 10 years. Their story started in Akron, where they played in the band The George Harrison Ford Explorers. Nick later joined and went on tour with Simeon Soul Charger, filling in on everything from keys to guitar. All the while, Tig continued to work on side projects with Nick. Simeon eventually moved to Germany to continue their musical growth, but Nick felt that his heart belonged here in the states. He then joined the high energy progressive rock group Aliver Hall, touring out to Colorado multiple times and playing countless festivals.
In December of 2015, Nick chose to focus his energy on songwriting and composition, so he and Tig rejoined to form the group Coup De Grace. They also joined forces with bassist Doug Gallo. Doug has shared his talents in multiple bands, including Treespeak, Hayden Calling, Wed Zepween, Peter James, The Real True Stories, and Samuel Ross.
Recording in Akron at Central 8 studios with Nathan Doutt engineering, Coup De Grace will release their first EP in the fall of 2016. Their single, Friendly Tiger, is available now.
Hotstop (Nashville, TN Rock for fans of Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson.

Hotstop is a high energy rock band formed in Los Angeles and now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Michael Jackson, Hotstop has been creating a unique blend of rock and pop since the band formed in January 2013.� Hotstop has 4 members – Bryn William, Drü Marshall, and the Wlodyka brothers: Waldemar and Derek Max.

The brothers were born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles. Derek, the younger of the two, has a street performer background. Waldemar has been classically trained.

Bryn & Drü moved to Los Angeles in the Summer of 2012, meeting through serendipitous circumstances that included chow mein and the Star of David. Once Bryn & Drü got the ball rolling, they met Waldemar who saw their ad seeking a guitarist on Craigslist but did not respond. When roaming Melrose Avenue in search of a Members Only jacket, he noticed a flyer featuring a striking face; it was that of his future drummer and soulmate, Drü Marshall.

Hotstop’s music is loud, fun, and is sure to give listeners of all ages aural pleasure.


Canton, Ohio’s Electramode is a sincere, original rock band influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and The Beatles.

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