ITS FIRST FRIDAY AND WE HAVE SOME HEAVY TONES IN STORE!!! Seance (Canton)/ Lackluster ( Columbus)/ Passing Time (Canton)/ Ugly Distance (Akron)

8pm Start – No Cover


We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight.
Lackluster (Columbus Um… alternative electro prog pop rock. Or “electronic rock” works too. for fans of Gorrilaz, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Muse)

Passing Time (Canton OH Industrial rock for fans of Front 242 Judas priest. Rammstein. Mlwttkk ozzy n randy. NIN. Frontline assembly red hot chilish )

Passing Time, formed from the ashes of Jaws of Victory – descirbed by Chemlab as “fucking riotious” – they are the most cross-genre, stage dominating, convention destroying band in America today. With a strong metal/rock and techno/industrial core, Passing Time mix elements of Classical, Jazz, Dub, Rap, Noise, and only God alone can list all of the other styles of music equally displayed within the band. One of the only “Electronic Bands” to really convey a VERY strong playing ability and are made up of some of the most talented, complex writing teams ever assembled in moden music genres. Live….the stage setting is often massive and always intense. It is not uncommon to see whole stage sets featuring anything from gothic cematary settings (complete with a ten foot mosuleum, three pounds of leaves, three headstones, a coffin, and trees!), a police tape caution line, and even a living room…which gets destroyed. Passing Time are simply one of the best acts extant today, or to put it another way…”FUCKING RIOTIOUS”!..
Ugly Distance

In a cruddy, ghetto, steel plant town, an idea spawned an angry, ugly drive of metal with the town’s own industrial soundscapes.

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