COME AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF THESE FINE BANDS!!! Stay Away ( Detroit)/ American Arson ( Detroit)

9pm start – No Cover

Stay Away ( Detroit)

American Arson

American Arson is the latest endeavor from former Good Luck Varsity vocalist/guitarist Evan Baker. Created in the midst of the collapse of GLV, American Arson is a rebirth from the ashes; a rekindling of coals presumed to have burned their last. Designed as a solo act, American Arson expanded to a duo in the spring of 2015 with the addition of drummer Jesse Gentry.

Employing on-the-fly vocal and instrumental looping alongside multi-amp stacking, American Arson creates a massive, driving rock sound with just two performers and zero backing tracks. Punctuated by raw, razor-throated vocals and drop-tuned, buzzsaw guitars, American Arson is rock n’ roll the way it was meant to be played: loud, fast, and brutally honest.

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