339 Cleveland Ave NW / Canton, OH 44702

HOURS: Sun-Wed: 5p-1a / Thurs-Sat: NOON-1a


So you want to play on the Buzzbin Stage? Great! We’d love to have your band. We book all kinds, rock, punk, blues, hillbilly, pillbilly…80s rappers, dudes in chicken suits, you name it, we’ll book it! Do us a favor and read through these few tips and then fill out the form. That way we’re on the same page and ready for your band to come through!

1. You WILL get a response within 10 business days. We book a lot so give us a few dates to choose from. Show offers are generally held for 10 days on our end. If you do not include specific dates you will not get a response.

2. Our venue centers around original live music.

3. Once booked, here are some promo tips to help (we do promo too, don’t worry):

• Follow us on Twitter & announce the show (we will retweet, announce etc too)

• Make sure your band bio is up to date on your Facebook we will be using it for promo purposes.

• Send us posters to 339 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44702 (optional – All though if you do snail mail us posters talk to Mike and he will buy Facebook ads for your show!)

• All our events are kept up to date on https://www.facebook.com/buzzbinshop/events. Please feel free to post posters, music, pictures on the Facebook event for your show!

Here is an Akron/Canton press list

4. Our current hours are listed here. Load in is 7:30ish daily. Please check in with the bartender as soon as you come in. Shows generally start at 9:00pm. You can play for 30-45 minutes depending on how many bands there are. Set schedules will be given out NIGHT OF SHOW when the sound guy arrives. We’re pretty flexible so if you have special needs just let us know. Sundays shows start around 8pm, so get here around 6:30pm to get settled in.

5. Most of the time we put on FREE SHOWS. Sometimes we’ll do a cover and/or tickets if negotiated prior. We use Brown Paper Tickets to facilitate both online and print ticket sales. Bands are paid at the END OF THE NIGHT. Don’t hover over the bartender, you’ll get yours. Again, bands get paid at the end of the night! If you’d like to know what to expect email Mike. We have a merch booth you can use too. If you don’t have anyone to run your merch booth we’ll be glad to help. Also, bands get $1 beers. We have a fine selection of $1 beers for you to choose from.

6. What we have: 1 P.A., 5 mics, 5 mic stands, 2 great sounding speakers and a sub, and 1 direct box. If you need anything outside of this then you need to bring it! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING LEFT AT BUZZBIN. CHECK, DOUBLE CHECK…Please. Let me say this one more time…WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING LEFT AT BUZZBIN. CHECK, DOUBLE CHECK…Please.

7. OUR PHILOSOPHY: We come from a DIY perspective. We have fun at what we do and we want you to have fun too. We’ve had thousands of bands through Canton, Ohio and all of them seemed to have a good time. If you want to have fun with us then fill out this form and we’ll get you in The Bin…

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