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Meet the Original Downtown Canton Bike Club…

The one thing that a lot of people overlook in downtown Canton is the city’s rich history. It is really unparalleled by any surrounding city. Sure the Canton Arts District is kicking butt nightly, but to be honest, the more I read about it, the more I realize that this has always been the center for creativity in Ohio. Well, since around 1880. Weird, eh? It’s like nowadays we’re blowing dust off an old fossil to make it shine. There used to be the Canton’s Grand Opera House, Canton Auditorium, a grocery that sold “Royal Blend Coffee” for decades (like Heath’s Cultured Coffee Co.), all right here. And most importantly, the original bike club of Canton: The Canton Bicycle Club which was founded on July 25th of 1883. Check out those wheels man! As we’re gearing up for bike season in Canton, and tackling all those new bike lanes the city put in, remember, in 1883, these roads were ridden by dudes who looked way cooler than you.

I’m assuming there was no Dale’s Pale Ale back then either, unfortunately.

The Downtown Canton Bike Club kicks off on April 27th at 5:00pm! Meet at Buzzbin for a 10 mile “Urban Ride” through trails, city sidewalks and some road. Also, have you seen what they did to Mother Goose Land? We’ll be checking that out!

Playing April 27th at 7pm: OC45 (Boston Punk) with Odd-o-Matic (Kansas City Electro-Punk)

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