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Canton, Ohio the 2nd Most “Dangerous” City, Eh?

There is one thing you have to keep in mind during this response; ALL media companies are out to make money. If you think journalism, truth, or justice is what they seek to expose then you are completely wrong. That might be how it was back in the day but it isn’t now. Whether they do stories, videos, articles to make you happy, sad, or otherwise there is one thing in mind and that is how do we get you to click more banners, get more page views and share their stories with your friend so they can make more money. Debate me on it, I dare you.

So when Movoto posted their article “These Are America’s 10 Most Dangerous Small Cities” keep in mind they did not have your best interest at heart. Google it, I am not even linking that pile of garbage here. They don’t care about your well being. They want to piss you off because they know you’ll share it on Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and in turn they make money. Lots of money. See all those ads surrounding that story? The more they get viewed and/or clicked the more money they make. Oh an what’s more is now we have other news outlets covering the “story” too. Why? Because they want a piece of the pie as well. Gee thanks guys.

Here’s my real problem… Look at the way it was calculated. I’m no mathematician. Wait, yes I am. And an accomplished one at that. The real problem is that they created their own definition of “Dangerous” then found a few patsy cities that could actually meet their narrow definition and pounced. They took cities between the size of 50,000 and 75,000 people. So that means that a city the size of Massillon wouldn’t have been considered. I’m not saying that Massillon has a crime problem that I know of, but there may be cities of the same size as Massillon or even bigger that weren’t even considered. Out of their sheer laziness we’ll never know. Also, they only considered 200 cities because they literally couldn’t find info on more that fit their narrow definition of “Dangerous.” Well, again, thanks guys for being so thorough. So that means they were left to “study” 200 cities in the entire USA. Ok, think about this, 200 cities in the entire United States of America were considered for this. I’m calling shenanigans. This entire “study” is lazy. It’s bullshit and you know it.

The entire Movoto blog post was a quick stab and ten cities to get the half a million Facebook shares it has already received. They cashed in on you, buddy.

Now on to Canton, Ohio. Are there bad parts of Canton? Sure. Are you going to walk in the Newton Zone after 5pm? Probably not. Do you see those hookers hanging out by Downtown Ford? Yeah. Are there random murders in other bad parts of the city? The news outlets certainly hope so because it gives them bad news that people love to share. And bad news is big money.

Believe me, if they could, those same news outlets would be sending busloads of puppies and babies to the most dangerous parts of any city. Crime will always happen to vulnerable people. And the news outlets will be there to make money on it.

Also, and thankfully, it has been reported numerous times that Canton is clearly on the comeback and you know what? Out-of-towners HATE THAT. It takes away their punchline. It gives the bully nothing to pick on. Not too many people like good news, and the fact is, Canton is filled with good parts. You don’t see anyone sharing that except the people in Canton. You know why? Because we’re pretty god damned proud of it. We’re proud we open our doors everyday of the week. We’re proud we helped kick the panhandlers out of downtown. We’re proud we pushed the “Canton Crud” to the outskirts so that our businesses could thrive. We’re proud to be a successfully growing community. You can write all the garbage you want but you can’t take that away. And we’re not stopping.

There will always be people who are afraid. There will always be crime. There will always be people to capitalize on it. Just remember every time you share, repost, or link these stories they are cashing in. Don’t feed the real monster.

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5 Responses

  1. sunimon says:

    Well written, thanks! I pitched the television 12.5 years ago after becoming convinced that the media had gone nuts. Okay maybe not nuts, but certainly motivated by greed.

  2. d. neags says:

    disclaimer: i don’t live in canton, but i do live in stark county. i’m no canton hater, i don’t use canton as a punchline & i prefer to spend my hard won dough at local business’s not the corporate chain stores of bv. that being said:
    mike, you hang your argument on what you claim is an arbitrarily narrow definition of dangerous. the fact is that this report was generated from the FBI’s 2012 uniform crime report, if you take the time to actually read the movoto report you will find that the definition of dangerous is not narrowly defined at all, in fact the opposite is true and they take the time to spell out the criteria they use to arrive at their conclusions. you also seem to take issue with the fact that only 234 cities were considered. really, ONLY 234 cities? would the headline be better if it said ‘canton, 2nd most dangerous of 234 cities? i understand that as a business owner in the 2nd most dangerous city why you would wish to refute this report. but seriously, do we really need a report from the fbi to tell us all what we know in our hearts to be true? canton is dangerous! add to that the rogue police dept of ‘conceal carry’ harless, and it gets even scarier. we all read the repository. does one day go by that we don’t read of crime in canton? there’s a reason why we lock our doors and roll up the windows when travelling through canton! and there is truth to this report.
    tonight i’ll be eating, drinking and having a good time downtown. i know that as long as i stay in the ‘arts’ district i’ll be safe. stray a couple of blocks outside of this area though, and you risk becoming a number in the fbi report. debate me on it, i dare you.

    • Terri Howard says:

      I have done a bizillion “dangerous” things in my life. I’ve been a motorcyclist for 30 years. I delivered snack foods for Frito-Lay for 4 yrs. in inner city Canton. When I was young I went to bars alone in downtown Cleveland, Akron & Canton and I am a female. I don’t court danger but I choose to experience life, not hide from it. I don’t really care about FBI statistics, the crime rate, or the headlines in the paper. I enjoy Canton & think there are some very great things it has to offer for a town its size. Guess I’ll just keep “living on the edge” & enjoy those things.

  3. GoodCarma says:

    Thanks for this, Mike. Canton is surely not extremely dangerous, and its residents already have a general idea of which neighborhoods to steer clear of if they’re alone at night. I grew up in a VILLAGE of no more than 4500 people (and then moved to Canton as an adult), and it had a newspaper, which had a police blotter, which had crimes to report EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you were to drive through the village, you’d just see this beautiful, nostalgic little town full of good folks, and yet out of those 4500, there were still a few bad eggs. The same goes for Canton. The same goes for the “safest” cities in the world. I agree that the sensationalism of the media and its cute little “lists” are a ploy to get clicks and truly, they are at best pointless and at worst harmful. I now live in one of the list-topping “most expensive” and “most polluted” cities, and yet people continue to move here in droves. Don’t let them get to you. These “journalists” are not from Canton, have probably never stepped foot in Canton (for that matter neither have the FBI’s data analysts), and don’t deserve a city as wonderful as Canton. Forget ’em! Keep writing, and keep working with your people to make Canton even better for those who do deserve it. I’m proud of you, of my city, and of its persistence in the face of a difficult past 20 years. Thanks.

  4. Drive-By-Statistics says:

    The FBI crime report is a perfectly valid source, but when you’re dealing with a dozen murders and a small population, The difference of 1 or 2 could easily launch your town into the top ten for any metric for your daily facebook clickbait.

    These statistics only count the “city of canton” proper, and don’t consider the greater metro area. I don’t know the composition of the other “cities” in this ranking, But most of the crime is concentrated in one part of the city-proper, and the rest of the area that the post office considers “Canton” is quite safe.

    We have about 375,000 residents in the 575 square miles of Stark county, only 70,000-ish in the 25 square miles of the “city”
    Not saying we don’t have crime, but i think the main point is that this ranking is meaningless, and sharing this kind of crap just brings down our hometown.

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